Quotes I thank the teachers and volunteers of this program. I see that it has made an impact on my son Mathew Luciano. After coming home he still seems to carry his art lesson into his personal time and he's even got me to participate and help him with his artistic ideas. He also very excited to show me what he has created in class. As a parent I thank you. I think you should try to expand your vision. Thanks really. Also a little more time for them to complete projects but I know its hard to find volunteers to help the kids. good luck! keep up the good work! Quotes

Quotes I loved the art program. I would like to join the art program. I liked when Anibal helped me with my projects. I would come with excitement, telling my parents what did I do in the art program. Thank you for your help. Quotes

Quotes I liked working with others. Some projects were very interesting. Quotes

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Youth Art Program